Dodie Sy was raised in the natural splendor of the Philippines, surrounded by tropical flora and lush forests. At a young age an innate appreciation for natural beauty led him to start viewing the world through an aesthetic lens. When he turned 13 his family left the Philippines and moved to California, where he had to assimilate to a new environment and find his identity as an artistic immigrant.

The son of hardworking parents he followed suit and earned a full scholarship to FIDM to study interior design. Soon realizing he longed for more creative freedom, Dodie left school to pursue floral design. Escalating his artistry from simple arrangements to grand scale events, was proof he had made the right decision and manifested itself into many industry achievements. Never one to sit idle, he soon felt compelled to try a new medium and began painting floral scapes in watercolor. Shortly after his husband saw his potential as a painter he urged Dodie to try his hand at oil painting. Dodie instantly fell in love with the medium and his ability to manipulate the vivid oils on the canvas. 

In addition to Private Clients and Collectors, Dodie Sy is currently showing at Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach, CA.